Children & Family

Children & Family

Radio shows and mini-series:

Kids These Days! Radio Co-Creator, producer, reporter, web editor
For this award-winning radio program our crew produced 84 one-hour programs, a comprehensive website + online community centered on exploring issues surrounding children, adolescent and family life. Listen on iTunes

Being Young in Rural Alaska Producer, reporter, web editor
A 12-part series for Alaska Public Radio Network exploring childhood in rural, mostly Alaska Native, villages from the Arctic North to the Southeast rainforest. Listen on iTunes

Mental Health & the Alaskan Family –  Producer, reporter, web editor
A 4-part radio series featuring conversations and special reports from Alaska’s mental health community. Listen: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Radio stories for Alaska Public Radio Network:

Articles for QuickBooks Community:

Articles for Alaska Parent Magazine:

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