“Sarah is an amazing writer, editor and producer. But best of all, she’s a formidable partner and rock-solid colleague, with whom I’ve had the distinct pleasure of sharing some of my most valued professional experiences.

Together, Sarah and I developed a content idea from its intangible beginning through to the reality of producing a weekly, original, years-running and award-winning radio production [Kids These Days! Radio]. In response to some of the challenges we faced during this time, Sarah spearheaded the founding of a 501(c)3 organization to serve us as independent content producers and help other creatives who faced similar obstacles.

Currently, I get to work with Sarah again [QuickBooks Community]. This time, on a totally different project, in a different medium and subject area. It’s no surprise to me that Sarah can easily move from radio, magazine and television journalism into online community content work, and I can personally attest to how much this strength of hers benefits our team.

Sarah is a fast, thorough, efficient, reliable and epically productive content producer. Whether it’s turning radio content into website engagements for our radio program, developing innovative engagement strategies for our online community, freelancing for tv and magazines or going above and beyond her duties as a team player – I never have to question whether Sarah will deliver.”

– Shana Sheehy-Niederman, Radio Host, Producer & Community Manager

“I thoroughly enjoyed – and appreciated – having the chance to work with Sarah on a very special program for KSKA in Anchorage: Kids These Days. We were always looking for new ideas and Sarah brought us one. KTD was a timely and engaging look at kids, parenting and families. Sarah was a terrific producer. She knew how to crystalize contemporary topics, craft engaging programs, and invite multiple points of views. On top of all this, Sarah was a pleasure to work with and have as part of our extended radio family. I’d work with Sarah again in a minute.”

– Patrick Yack, Executive Director at Florida Public Media

“Sarah is a fantastic interviewer and writer, but she’s so much more bootstrappy than that. Over the past year I’ve watched her roll up her sleeves and take a deep dive into web analytics, social media marketing, and whatever else has come her way. She’s a creative thinker who is not afraid to take chances. It’s been such fun to work alongside her and bounce ideas around!”

– Emily Cowan, Community Host & Content Creator

“What a treat it has been to work with Sarah for the past year. As a content creator, she is efficient, focused and deadline-oriented. Sarah is an excellent researcher, and she knows how to present content in compelling ways by creating rich visuals such as graphs, banners and other graphics. Sarah always contributes great ideas for relevant, targeted articles and ongoing content engagements. Her social media and digital marketing efforts have generated a significant uptick in our audience. Sarah is delightful to work with and will be a valuable member of any editorial team.”

– Willow Older, Editor & Writer

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